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Vein Ablation & Vascular Disorders

What is vein ablation?

If you have visible, twisted veins on your face or legs, or you’re plagued by disfiguring rosacea lesions, you don’t need to cover up anymore. Dr. Orville Dyce instantly clears unsightly and damaged blood vessels with the revolutionary, noninvasive Icon™ laser by CynoSure®. If you live in Hartsville or surrounding areas, book your Icon consultation online, or call Dr. Dyce’s helpful staff at Black Creek Medical Consultants.

What vascular disorders can Dr. Dyce treat?

Dyce treats vascular disorders such as:

·         Spider veins

·         Facial veins

·         Rosacea

·         Broken vessels

Laser vein treatment for vascular disorders requires no incisions, needles, or downtime.

Why do I have spider veins and broken vessels?

Spider veins are damaged or dysfunctional capillaries that no longer function optimally. Healthy blood vessels contain valves that push the blood forward and prevent backflow. If your vessel valves get damaged, the blood pools behind the valve, pushing the vessel walls outward.

You’re more likely to develop damaged vessels if you:

·         Sit or stand for long periods

·         Are obese or pregnant

·         Walk a lot

·         Are female

After your Icon treatment, Dr. Dyce can advise you about lifestyle adjustments that prevent damaged vessels.

How does the icon remove damaged vessels?

Dr. Dyce adjusts the settings of the Icon laser to target the pigment in your red, blue, and purple vessels and lesions. The laser’s heat instantly evaporates the unhealthy vessels. Immediately after just one treatment, your skin looks healthier, clearer, with significantly fewer visible vessels.

Why do I have rosacea?

Rosacea’s red, inflamed lesions and visible veins tend to affect women, men, and children who have lighter skin tones. You’re more likely to have rosacea if a family member has it, too. Other possible causes include:

·         Defects in your immune or nervous systems

·         Defective blood vessels

·         Infection with Demodex mites

·         Abnormal fatty acid composition of your skin

Rosacea can’t be cured, but it can be controlled. Dr. Dyce treats flares with the Icon laser to relieve facial redness, visible veins, and remove disfiguring rosacea “pimples” and lesions.

How does the Icon clear a rosacea flare?

Dr. Dyce adjusts the Icon so that it targets the pigment in the hemoglobin of your rosacea lesion or damaged vessel. The laser’s heat evaporates the damaged vessels, so your skin looks clearer and less inflamed.

How long does an Icon laser treatment take?

The Icon removes damaged vessels and rosacea lesions in just a few minutes. Your skin immediately looks healthier and clearer.


Are Icon treatments painful?

The Icon laser feels alternately warm and cool.  If you’re sensitive, Dr. Dyce can give you a local anesthetic.
You can treat multiple areas during one Icon session at Black Creek Medical Consultants.

For more information about this treatment, please give our office a call at 843-383-5312 or visit for more information

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