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Laser Hair Reduction

Should I consider laser hair reduction?

Whether you have unwanted hair on your face or body, you no longer have to waste time and dollars shaving or tweezing day after day, week after week. At Black Creek Medical Consultants, Dr. Orville Dyce removes your unwanted hair once and for all with the high-tech Icon™ laser by CynoSure®.

Whether you’re ready to rid yourself of lip-line hair, leg hair, or body hair, Dr. Dyce can help. If you live in the Hartsville area, book your Icon treatment by using the online form or calling the friendly Black Creek Medical Consultants staff.

How does permanent hair removal work?

At Black Creek Medical Consultants, Dr. Dyce uses the Icon laser to remove unwanted hair by targeting the hairs themselves and the follicles that produce them. After a series of 10- to 30-minute treatments, your skin is free of unwanted hairs.

How does the Icon remove unwanted hair?

Dr. Dyce adjusts the settings of the Icon so that the laser energy targets the pigment in your unwanted hair. The laser damages the hair and also alters the anatomy of the follicle that produces it. Two to three weeks after your treatment, your hairs fall out.  

If the hair is targeted late in its 150-day growth cycle, a new hair might grow back. Dr. Dyce schedules a series of up to six treatments so that he can target each hair in its earliest growth stage. Young hairs don’t grow back after they’ve been destroyed.

What are the advantages of the Icon laser over other lasers?

The Icon features a Skintel® melanin reader that’s highly selective for targeting the pigment in your hair shaft. The Icon can work on all types of skin tones —  including dark skin — without damaging your skin. Some other lasers can’t differentiate between dark skin pigments and dark hair pigments.

The Icon handpiece also includes an Advanced Contact Cooling™ component that cools down your skin after each burst of warm laser energy. Temperature controls allow Dr. Dyce to keep you comfortable throughout your treatment.


How long does it take to remove unwanted hair with the Icon?

To ensure that each hair is treated at an early growth stage, you probably need a series of once-monthly treatments over several months. Dr. Dyce recommends annual or biannual touch-ups.

Free up your time by freeing your body from unwanted hair. Schedule your first Icon hair-removal treatment by booking an appointment online or calling the helpful Black Creek Medical Consultant staff.

What areas can I treat with Icon laser hair removal?

Dr. Dyce removes hair from any area of your face or body that you’d like to be hair-free. Common treatment areas on the face include:

·         Upper lip

·         Chin

·         Sideburns

·         Beard

·         Other facial areas

The Icon can’t be used around the eyes for hair removal. Common treatment areas on the body include:

·         Legs

·         Arms

·         Armpits

·         Back

·         Shoulders

·         Trunk

·         Bikini line

You can treat multiple areas during one Icon session at Black Creek Medical Consultants.

For more information about this treatment, please give our office a call at 843-383-5312 or visit for more information

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